Everything You Have To Know About Diabetes Test Strips

Are you recently diagnosed with diabetes? Were you instructed to monitor your blood glucose regularly? Are you anxious about buying your first glucose monitoring system? Are you blanking out about which diabetes testing strips you should purchase? Let’s find out the important things you need to know about this little kit on the next paragraphs.

Health is among the most important wealth each of us has. After being diagnosed with a medical condition, you will want to make sure that you do not get worse. You want to keep the state of your health at its optimum. In case of diabetes, you want to ensure you are keeping a good watch on your blood sugar level. This can be done by buying the best glucose monitoring system. Here is a guide which provides you the essential information you should know about diabetes test strips. If you read all 10 tips below, not only will you learn useful things but you will also receive a medal from me after reading all the tips, so let’s proceed.


Make sure that your diabetes test strips are compatible with your glucose monitor. Always check how well the test strips fit inside. Some glucose monitors will only accommodate specific test strips. Other monitors work with several types. If you are not sure, you can ask your physician, pharmacist or dealer. If you’re curious if all glucose monitoring kit have the same specifications, let’s move on to the next point where we will uncover the answer to that question.


As mentioned, glucose monitors may work with specific or several diabetes testing strips. Apart from this, the model of the glucose monitor also dictates the amount of blood sample. Most will only require a speck of blood. This amount ranges from 0.3 to 1.5 microliters. Remember to check this information before you buy and use your glucose monitoring system. Urine test strips are also available but blood test strips are more popular than them. Here is a video about how diabetes testing strips works . I’m sure you already know that glucose monitor kit has different models, so on the next paragraph let’s discuss how to choose the most convenient diabetes testing kit available in stores.

Diabetes Test Strips

Diabetes Test Strips

Remember that glucose monitoring is a regular activity. This makes it very important to ensure that your glucose monitoring system is easy to use. Check how well the diabetes test strips fit the glucose monitor. Consider how absorbent the diabetes test strips are. They should have a design which is easy to open and handle. Here is a video about how glucose monitoring system should be used . I know you’re thinking that the more convenient the kit is the pricier it gets. So on our next tip; let’s check the current price range of the diabetes testing kit in the market.


Diabetes test strip is the consumable component of the glucose monitoring system. Since you can only use one test strip once, it will eventually become the most expensive component of the system. Its average cost ranges from 35¢ to $1.00. Some dealers may sell them with free accessories or bonuses. This may be in the form of lancets or alcohol pads. Most of these extras are not necessary. Thus, it should not bear too much weight about which test strip brand you should choose. You need to be a smart buyer. Be skeptic of cheap test strips. Make sure that you do not settle for something which can compromise your health.


Testing strips for diabetics are being sold in 25-, 50- and 100-packs. The pack you should buy depends on your management program. You may be instructed to monitor your blood glucose weekly, daily or several times a day. Make sure that you are buying just enough strips which you can consume before the expiration date. You should not use diabetes test strips past their effective date. Outdated test strips have compromised accuracy. On our next tip we will help you check where to purchase a reliable and new testing strip for diabetic people.


Diabetes test strips are being made by several companies worldwide. You may ask your doctor for a recommended brand. You may also explore your options online. Always remember to purchase from a reliable manufacturer who provides unexpired and well-handled test strips. This will ensure that you are buying test strips which will yield accurate results. One touch is among the most popular brands. You can learn more about it here . You may also check the top 5 brands of diabetes test strips according to Amazon here .


If you have Medicare, do not forget to check the benefits you are entitled for . You can also check this video which discusses a special offer for those with Medicare .


Buying genetic diabetes test strips allow you to save money. They offer the cheapest test strips in the market. Make sure that these test strips are reliable before purchasing them. You can check their accuracy by using them along with a branded test strips. The difference between their results should not be significant.  Do not compromise your health by buying cheap but unreliable test strips. You may end up spending more if your condition gets worse.


As mentioned earlier, you must never use expired diabetes test strips. They do not provide reliable results because their accuracy has already been compromised. This should be the first information you should look for before buying. Make sure that you can consume all the test strips before the expiration date. Finally, on our next tip we’ll teach you how to store your kit properly. So let’s now check our last tip for you.


Test strips for those with diabetes are very sensitive to the environment. You need to make sure that they are properly stored to ensure that they are kept at their optimum state. Improper handling of test strips alters their accuracy. To make sure that your test strips remain reliable, make sure that you follow correct storage procedures. Remember to buy from trusted manufacturers who handle diabetes test strips appropriately. Here are the general guidelines which apply to most diabetes test strips:

  • Do not refrigerate your test strips.
  • Keep your test strips at room temperature. Refrain from exposing them to extreme temperature.
  • Store the test strips inside a closely sealed vial.

Hopefully, you are now less worried about buying your first glucose monitoring system. You are now equipped with the basic knowledge you must consider for your initial purchase. You may also ask your doctor for professional advice, in case this will help you feel more confident about your choice. Just always bear in mind the important details discussed in this article and rest assured, you will not go wrong about your first diabetes test strips. I know you’ve patiently read the tips I provided and as a price, please claim your gold medal from me later!

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